Hosts Michael Laboski and Reuben Meltzer delve into the world of terrible filmmaking and excellent beer brewing, and record it for your listening pleasure.


Take delight as these two idiots talk about movies, beer, and anything and everything that pops into their heads. Episodes come out on a month to month basis because we have kids, careers (filmmaking and otherwise) and no time in our lives. Eventually, there will be a live aspect to this show, so stay tuned for that.


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Episode 1 - Plan 9 From Outer Space

Hosts Micheal and Reuben record their first episode of Good Beer Bad Movie Night. They watch the all time classic bad movie, "Plan 9 From outerSpace" and drink Prickly Moses's Ottway Ale and Red Ale, Mountain Goat's Hightail Ale, and Brewcult's Supafly Rye IPA. The movie is ridiculed, the beers are discussed, but that doesn't even cover the half of it.

Episode 2 - Ed Wood

On this night, our hosts, Reuben and Mike are joined by Reuben's 2.5 year old daughter, Bea, and enjoy a change of pace watching Tim Burton's brilliant opus, "Ed Wood," and thus creating the "Good Beer Good Movie Night."

Many things are discussed among which are our friends over at the marvellous craft beer store, bar, and pizza joint in Moonnee Ponds, Penny Young. The Untappd app, and of course the delicious beer.

Beer Lineup:
Gage Road Brewing Company - Break Water Australian Pale Ale
Feral Brewing Co. - Ace of Base India Saison
Magic Rock Brewing / Kissmeyer - Salty Kiss Gooseberry Gose
Moon Dog Craft Brewery - Bosco's Grapefruit & Cucumber IPA
Beavertown Brewery - Black Betty Black IPA
Moon Dog Craft Brewery - Ogden Nash's Pash Rash Imperial Redskin Stout

Episode 3 - Funky Forest: The First Contact

Things get really weird with our first foreign language film. Mike and Reuben sit down to watch the Japanese cult classic, "Funky Forest: The First Contact" and what better thing to drink with this film than some good sake to go along with the bizarre film. With this the very first #GoodSakeWeirdMovieNight was created.

We are joined by Reuben's wife, Thy, in this episode and speak about our nostalgia of Japan amongst tons of other things. We also mention lots of friends of the show: David from LA, Alec from Queens, Paolo from Brooklyn, Thu from Melbourne, and Ryusuke from New York City.

Hop on the strange train and check out this month's episode of Good Beer Bad Movie Night!

Episode 4 - House

What happens when Mike and Reuben end up living in the same house and neither of them have to worry about getting home after recording because they're recording at home? They drink 10 beers and go on and on and on.

Here we watch the cult classic Japanese film, "House." We talk about adventures in Japan, the dangers of social media addiction, burgeoning love stories, trips to China, and walks down the road of nostalgia. We mention friends of the show; Jonah from Jersey City, Alec from Queens, Paolo from Brooklyn (then Washington Heights), Thuy from Melbourne (Mike's better half), Jessie from Washington Heights, and Thu from Melbourne.

Beers include:
- Kirin Strong Chuhai
- Miyajima Original Beer Caramel Blonde
- Yamaguchi Beer Weizen
- Coedo Beniaka Sweet Potato Lager
- Hitachino Nest Saison Du Japon
- Miyajima Original Beer Pale Ale
- Coedo Kyara India Pale Lager
- Hitachino Nest Dai Dai IPA
- Hitachino Nest Extra High Ale
- Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout

Episode 4 - Body Melt

For the first time we had a change of venue and recorded at Mike's newly purchased house. We endured the Australian cult classic, "Body Melt." While not all aspects of this "bad movie" were bad it was still entertaining, i guess it helps to have good company and good beers.

For this episode we were joined by the one and only Karl Redgen. Karl is a talented filmmaker with a passion for beer and exploitation cinema. He was right at home with us.

We spoke about the hit soap opera "Neighbours," Australian actors, frustrations with Government funded film grants, exploitation films, body horror, drunken debauchery, and much much more.

We threw a few shout outs to our friends; Chip from Florida, Dan Armstrong, who is a makes some fantastic exploitation films in Melbourne, and our friends at Penny Young in Moonee Ponds.

Our beer roster was:
- Crown Lager
- Coopers Session Ale
- Murray's Rudeboy Pilsner
- Murray's Angry Man Pale Ale
- Akasha Tradewind Lager
- Three Greens Sunrise Ale
- Cavalier Pale Ale
- Moon Dog Mr. Mistafelees Passion Fruit and Mango Wild Ale
- Moon Dog Perverse Sexual Amalgam Black Wild Ale
- 3 Ravens Moussey Juicy

Episode 5 - Wake in Fright

To wrap up our Ozploitation double header Mike and Reuben sat down to watch the 1971 classic "Wake in Fright." It's a fantastic but disturbing film that is ripe with rampant alcoholism, perfect for our podcast. With this film it was another addition of Good Beer Good Movie Night.

While watching the film we talked about animal cruelty, the plight of the indigenous peoples of Australia, goresploitation, the proper pronunciation of "gose," the discovery of our sister podcast, the American "Good Beer Bad Movie Night," hot dogs and bakes beans, the Vietnamese language, beer cocktails, and Reuben's stint as a cocktail bartender at the awesome Double Happiness.

Our beers were procured from the amazing Thirst Bar and Cafe in Sunshine, home to great coffee and fine selection of craft beer!

Here's what we drank:
- Bridge Roads Brewers Africola Chinotto Saison
- Hargreaves Hill Gin Barrel Gose
- Dainton Brewery Pina Colada Pineapple Coconut Punch
- Mornington Peninsula Brewery Hamfish Brut IPA
- Old Wive's Ale Old Man Yells at Cloud
- Dainton Brewery Raspberry Rye Milk Porter

Episode 6 - Lifeforce

Our two hosts begin their journey into the wonders of Cannon Films, with this gem of a movie. "Lifeforce" isn't necessarily a bad film, but it is riddled with silliness, plot holes, and the seldom bad acting.

While watching we discussed a brief history of Cannon films, John Cassavetes, our friends at Get to the Podcast (Kevin in particular), the never ageing Patrick Stewart, and a new segment all about unique beer snacks.

The sci-fi themed beer line up was: (Procured from the awesome Thirsty Bar and Cafe in Sunshine)

- Bridge Road Brewers Enigma New World Pilsner
- Holgate Brewery X-Wing XPA
- Hop Nation Brewing Company Jedi Juice NEIPA
- Mornington Peninsula Brewery Galaxy Pash Dry Hopped Passion Fruit Sour
- 3 Ravens Acid Sour Beer
- Bodriggy Brewing/Sailors Grave Brewing Midnight Zone Black Lichtenhainer

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